Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Corporate Takeover

Here is the blueprint:
MEAC to monopolize all midwifery education and makes great effort to lobby every state to become MEAC only, regardless of the quality of the course. Nothing compares to AAMI and many MEAC courses that I know of ONLY teach to test.  If you are strictly looking at quality, AAMI is incomparable.  But quality is not the issue; politics and power are.
Then thanks to TBP, every state will require the CPM, so now NARM monopolizes the term midwife. Then MEAC and NARM own everything.
Midwives cheated out of choice in education; parents cheated out of choice of midwife.


MrsKnight said...

Hi Carla,

Question: How does MEAC accreditation cause a 5-fold increase in tuition costs? I've been stalking AAMI for months and months (I live in California) and it would be easier if AAMI was a MEAC school. I understand your reasons for not getting MEAC accreditation, but it seems like it would be a slam dunk to get it being that your course is so thorough.... so why would it increase the tuition cost so much?

Thank you,
Leana Knight

Unknown said...

I am not sure why it would cost more...I think they are just trying to make it harder for mom and pop organizations and (or AAMI) students to get to become midwives...I am against all this legislation too...South Carolina has a bill lumping lay midwives with CPMs and making only CNMs be the proper midwives in that state. There' s not even an option for MAEC in that state. I think it will all be eventually if we continue to "let the medical minded take over" to have only CNMs.